5 mars 2017

K-kullet was born 19.03.14. 

 2 dogs (white/liver) and 3 bitches (1 white/black and 2 white/liver)

N Uch Perdita’s Right On Time HD-A White/black

Dot.Com’s Expect The Unexpected HD-A White/liver

Parents Grand-Parents G.G.-Parents G.G.G.-Parents
N Uch Perdita’s Right On Time N S Uch Perdita’s Counterstrike N Uch Spotnik’s Quick Quackery Perdita’s Inside Information
Perdita’s New Network
Perdita’s Flower Power Perdita’s Inkasso
Perdita’s Give Me Five
Perdita’s Dotty Design N Uch NV-01 Perdita’s Just In Time Dalming’s Easter Parade
Perdita’s Memory Lane
Perdita’s Inter Action Perdita’s High And Mighty
Ch Perdita’s Key To Heaven
Dot.Com’s Expect the Unexpected N Uch  Spotnik’s Quick Quackery N Uch  Perdita’s Inside Information T-Cart Unicus
Ch Perdita’s Key To Heaven
N Uch  Spotnik’s New Network Kjmo’s Dennis
Svolværgeita’s Halfaway Spotnik
Ch Dot.Com’s Bandwidth Ch Jilloc’s A Man In The Mirror Ch Rocca Al Mare Allegro Ad Jilloc
Ch Ridotto Zoe
Ch Timanka’s Hothouse Flower Ch Perdita’s Inside Information
Ch Timanka’s Victoria Falls
















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