4 januar 2010

 7.10.2002 1 dog (white/black) and 4 bitches (1 white/black 3 white/liver)   

Ch Perditas Inkasso White/black HD-A

Ch Timanka’s Hothouse White/liver HD-A


Parents Grand-Parents G.G.-Parents G.G.G.-Parents
Ch Perdita’s Inkasso Perdita’s Easter Parade T-Cart Populus Edda’s Mimer
Ch T-Cart High Society
Ch Kjmo’s Alize Ch Busby’s Buch
Ch Zoomik’s Happy Girl
Ch Perdita’s Key To Heaven Ch Dalmo’s Educated Edgar Ch Knight Of Gold At Theakson
Ch Spotnik’s British Breeze
Ch Perdita’s Long Live Love Ch Timanka’s Talented Klown
Perdita’s No Miss
Ch Timanka’s Hothouse Flower Ch Perdita’s Inside Information T-Cart Unicus   Ch Elaridge Prince Rufus
Ch T-Cart High Society 
Ch  Perdita’s Key To Heaven    Ch Dalmo’s Educated Edgar 
Ch Perdita’s Long Live Love
Ch Timanka’s Victoria Falls Ch Timanka’s Talented Clown        Ch Liberline’s Othello
Ch Timanka’s Single Ace
Ch Kjmo’s Alize Ch Busby’s Buch 
Ch Zoomik’s Happy Girl 
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